Digital Publications


Flash Fiction Magazine
“Small Change” 

Crack the Spine
“Louie’s Tale”, Issue 186 

“This Is Embarassing”, Issue 2.3

Light and Dark
“Pizza Guy”, January 2018


Bending Genres
“The Last Drop”, February 2019


Black Fox Literary Magazine
“Why poets write stage plays”, March 6, 2017



The Mark Literary Review
“My hat”, “I hold hope”, and “Shoelace”
August 2019

Itaca Lit
”Pseudonym”, Summer 2019

Zingara Poetry Review
”Depression” June 11, 2019

Jacar Press
”One thing is for certain”, Issue 18, May 2019

Selcouth Station
”The philosophy course”, May 11, 2019

Eastern Iowa Review
“Lavender” March 2019

Infinite Rust Literary Journal
“prairie state cavity” Issue 1, Fall 2018

Split Rock Review
“wild phlox”, Issue 10, Spring 2018

“AWOL” and “a few notes of graceful futility”, volume 2.4, Summer 2018
”People”, volume 3.4, Summer 2019

Oyster River Pages
“Fireflies”, Issue 1 2017

Edify Fiction
“1921-1979”, Volume 2, Issue 5

manhattanville review
“remnant bin”, 2017 issue

What a Rough Beast
“inflammation red and bruise blue”, October 12, 2018
“Politician”, October 19, 2018

Wiki Lit, a living anthology
“The Photo”

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine
“the wannabes”, May 2015 

Tower Journal
“greeting”, Spring 2016

“t-shirts”, February 2017 

The Literary Yard
“stray bullets”, “hollow sound”, “Thanks Albert”, and “contributors” 

Down in the Dirt Magazine
“birds in a tornado”, and “compass”, Nov/Dec. 2018


Star 82* Review
“expectations”, Issue 3.3


Carbon Culture Review
“So”, “what I know”, and “August”, September 20, 2018 › Journal › Online Content › Poetry


GNU Journal
“sleet”, Winter 2016


On the Rusk
“acorn” and “lightning strike” Issue 7 2015